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More than 20 years ago, Marc Little said “yes” to life although a gunshot wound to his right leg tried to prove otherwise. After the amputation of his right leg, he beat the odds and lived. Now through his work as a lawyer, author, entrepreneur and community builder, he teaches others how to say “yes” to life as well.

Little is president of his own boutique law firm where he specializes in entertainment transactions. Little earned his Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California, his Juris Doctorate from the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California and a Masters in Christian Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Little is also the chief executive officer of Champions for Progress, Inc., a non-profit community development corporation of Faithful Central Bible Church serving the community through real estate development, wealth management, mental health, and social services.

Little’s former for-profit board experience includes News Corporation (Fox) Diversity Committee (Los Angeles, California) and The Forum Enterprises, Inc. (Inglewood, California). He currently serves on the Governing Board of Centinela Hospital Medical Center (Inglewood, California).

He is an active member of the non-profit community and serves on many boards. These boards include, but are not limited to, Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce (President, Inglewood, California), Partners for Progress (President, Inglewood, California), Champions for Progress, Inc. (Inglewood, California), The Ulmer Institute (Chair, Los Angeles), Center for Urban Renewal and Education (Vice Chair, Washington, DC), Faithful Central Bible Church (Inglewood, California), Fellowship Monrovia (Monrovia, California), Kingdom Global Ministries (Dallas, Texas), Crown Preparatory Academy (Los Angeles, California), and Measure GG Oversight Committee (Inglewood Unified School District, Inglewood, California). He is a former Trustee of the Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah, Georgia).

Little has a heart for community service and has spent years building both the Los Angeles and Inglewood communities in the areas of education and civic engagement and has taken an active role in the local business and Sanctity of Human Life communities as highlighted by his board experience and additionally as follows:


Little values education and spends a lot of his time ensuring educational opportunities for all students. A portion of his time is spent at Crown Preparatory Academy a public charter middle and high school in Los Angeles where he is a founding board member. Crown Preparatory Academy prepares students to succeed in high school and college.

Little was appointed to the Measure GG Oversight Committee in 2015 where he, with others, oversees $90 million in facility funds for the Inglewood Unified School District.

Civic Engagement

Little invested his time in the City of Los Angeles as a commissioner appointed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Little is the past chair of the Commission on Community and Family Services, a commission focused on creating pathways out of poverty and into self-sufficiency for children, youth and families. The commission’s primary role is to advise the mayor and city council on the allocation of approximately $60 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

Prior to his work on the Commission on Community and Family Services, Little served for many years as the vice president of the Commission on Children Youth and Their Families which focused on family retention, family reunification and child care in the City of Los Angeles.

Business Leader

Little is the president of Inglewood Partners for Progress which is a coalition of the largest businesses in the city. The public-private coalition has included the City of Inglewood, Centinela Hospital Medical Center, Hollywood Park Race Track, Hollywood Park Casino, The Forum (owned by Madison Square Garden), The Marvin Group and the Inglewood Park Cemetery. Together, these entities work hand-in-hand to attract new business, new development, safety and quality of life for Inglewood residents.

Little is the current president of the Inglewood Airport Area Chamber of Commerce which includes the Los Angeles World Airport (LAX) and numerous small, medium and large businesses that round out the heart of the vibrant city.

Most recently, on behalf of Faithful Central Bible Church, Little led a team of professionals in the sale of the Fabulous Forum to Madison Square Garden. The sale resulted in a $100 million direct investment in Inglewood. Madison Square Garden renovated the Forum, created hundreds of part-time and full-time jobs and retained the Inglewood icon as an entertainment venue for another generation.

Sanctity of Life

Little is passionate about empowering individuals to make informed pregnancy and sexual health choices. To support this passion, Little served as a board member of Claris Health, a licensed medical clinic, which offers STD and HIV testing and treatment, parenting classes, counseling and support but does not refer out or perform abortions. 


Little’s authorial debut was released in October 2012 titled “The Prodigal Republican: Faith and Politics” through WestBow Press. The book focuses on returning to traditional family values and encourages the reader to vote based on biblical principles. The book, while chronicling the journey blacks made from voting as Republicans to Democrats, also focuses on rebuilding the family – from entitlement to prosperity - by focusing on core values. As a black conservative, Little promotes the application of faith in politics for all Americans.


Little is a public speaker and has appeared or has been featured on The Rick Amato Show (One America News Network), The Blaze with host Star Parker (The Blaze), the Larry Elder Show (KABC), Freedom’s Journal Radio with Lonnie Poindexter (Urban Family Talk), Tavis Smiley Radio (Public Radio International), the Eddie Huff Radio Show (KFAQ), the Ask Dr. Nicole Show, the Exceptional Conservative Radio Show, ESPN & NFL Network, Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony (presenting his father, Floyd Little, for induction), The Frank Pastore Show (KKLA), with Shaun Powell, the Los Angeles Times, Herald Examiner, Sacramento Bee, LA Focus, “Keeping the Faith,” by Tavis Smiley, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, the Los Angeles Business Journal, University of Southern California Athletic Department’s inaugural addition of “The Trojan Way” and more.

Book Info

The Prodigal Republican: Faith & Politics is a controversial book written by author Marc T. Little. It focuses on restoring the Black community from despair to prosperity.shapeimage_12

The Prodigal Republican chronicles the historic relationship between blacks, Democrats and Republicans. It is based on three topics – voting your values, family leadership and Christian faith - all geared toward strengthening the American family generally and the black family in particular.

The Prodigal Republican encourages everyone to return to core values by being self-reliant and realizing that government aid is never a pathway to prosperity; by promoting the sanctity of human life; and by favoring traditional marriage to perpetuate humanity.

The Prodigal Republican is a guide to strengthen the family through a common sense approach by avoiding teen pregnancy before marriage, graduate from high school and university or trade school, consider marriage and have a work ethic.

The Prodigal Republican is a guide to strengthen the family by valuing marriage, valuing education, having a work ethic and setting a godly standard.

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The Inglewood Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors congratulates Marc Little on his current publication, “The Prodigal Republican”, and wishes him much success with this endeavor.  Marc has been a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors for many years, and has served on the Chamber’s Executive Committee for five years.

Mr. Little has long been dedicated to the growth and development of our community and has provided his services to the community of Inglewood in many, many ways.  He has helped to steer the business community to restored faith and revival, and his vision has enabled Inglewood to secure the purchase of the Forum by Madison Square Garden, pumping financial health and hope into our city.  Prior to this purchase, as Chief Attorney for Faithful Central Bible Church, Marc enabled the church to purchase the Forum, which would otherwise have been torn down and would have been a great financial and historic loss for Inglewood.

Marc Little is all about “heart” and “hope”, and both of these attributes make him a man of outstanding character and a leader in our community.  We are very grateful for the amazing work that he has done, and the personal commitment that he has for our organization.

- Inglewood Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

I have served the public for more than 40 years in various capacities within the cities of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Inglewood as a police officer & Chief of Police, Assistant General Manager of an international airport system and Mayor.

In that time, I have met hundreds of exceptionally talented and selfless individuals, but Marc Little ranks in the top 5 percent of the great people I have collaborated with.  Marc, in his role as the COO of Faithful Central Bible Church has been a community partner in the highest sense of that term.  He has been a facilitator of the institutions that sustain and enhance the life experience for children, adults and seniors in the City of Inglewood.

He gives of his time, wisdom and expertise as a board member for the largest hospital in the City of Inglewood.  He chairs "Partners for Progress", a collection of the largest employers, service and business entities in the City of Inglewood, whose purpose is the economic, educational, and spiritual development of the City of Inglewood.  Marc was also instrumental in the negotiations to bring Madison Square Garden of New York to the City of Inglewood by purchasing and committing to renovate and reopen the Forum as a concert venue.

Institutions and communities if they are fortunate have exceptional people within their midst that add value in times of crisis and times of progress.  Marc Little is one of the anchors of the City of Inglewood.

- James T. Butts, Jr. Mayor of Inglewood

Marc is a man of strong moral conviction and passion. His story is compelling and a testament to how a commitment to hard work and perseverance pays off. He is an education advocate, as a board member for Crown Prep Academy he was instrumental in the founding and governing of the charter school. He is a voice for silenced urban youth and is an inspiration.

- Laura McGowan-Robinson, Executive Director, Crown Preparatory Academy

It is with heartfelt joy that I provide this brief description of my work with Marc Little.  We reached out to Marc and were able to convince him to become a Governing Board member of our hospital.  I did not know at the time, and actually could not have known at the time, how very fortunate we were to bring him onto our Board.  Rarely in one’s life do we have the privilege of meeting individuals that impact us in profoundly positive ways, where we work to elevate ourselves to their level.  Typically the qualities are a combination of tremendous strength of character, humility, accountability, integrity, spirituality and commitment to family and community. Marc possesses all of these in great abundance and it is my privilege and honor to know him as a friend and to work with him as a colleague.

- Linda Bradley, CEO Centinela Hospital Medical Center

The Prodigal Republican: Faith & Politics epitomizes what Marc Little is all about.  His faith and his politics are the catalysts for his life work as a change agent on behalf of spiritually-healthy and economically- sustainable Black families and communities through the practice of strong Christian values.   A thought-provoking read!

- Deborah Wood, Executive Director, Community & Family Services Commission City of Los Angeles

Marc and I have worked together on the Board of Directors of Westside Pregnancy Clinic for the past two years.  His commitment to the cause, excellent leadership skills, and remarkable connections in the community have launched our agency onto a new and incredible path.  Marc leads with precision and fairness, and people are drawn to submit to his knowledge and authority.  Yet, the most outstanding and noticeable quality about Marc is humility.  It guides his every decision and is evident to everyone that comes into contact with him--regardless of their interaction.  I am continually amazed by Marc's commitment to the city of Los Angeles, and to those in need.  His life is a living testimony.  I am honored to serve alongside him, and to witness the legacy and the impact of his life.

- Talithia Philips, Westside Pregnancy Clinic

Marc T. Little has served as President of Inglewood Partners for Progress during the most challenging years of its history.  The Great Recession has had a dramatic impact on Inglewood and its largest employers, and threatened their continued participation in our co-op marketing fund.  But Marc Little personally infused the group with confidence for the future, and restored the group's commitment to working together.  He possesses tremendous insight into business, but his inspiring leadership style conveys a much deeper meaning.  He is clearly responding to a higher calling.

Each of our members has reshaped its business model -- not merely to cope with the present -- but to boldly position itself for the future.  At the same time, Inglewood is benefitting from new and energetic leadership in City Hall.  Mr. Little has reinvigorated and expanded the group's membership, and has personally seen to it that Partners for Progress remains the single most influential business group in Inglewood.

Our unique public/private partnership works to improve the public image of Inglewood, while improving public access to its sports, entertainment, shopping and medical facilities.  Marc Little has single-handedly held the Partners for Progress together, and added projects that benefit the community as a whole.  Partners for Progress has never been more effective or more united.

- Patrick Barry, Project Administrator Inglewood Partners for Progress


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